11.06.2019 - Философ и журналист Хуберт Турнхофер не имел ни малейшего представления о том, что именно он изменит консервативный венский арт-рынок, сделав его более открытым и прозрачным. И дело вовсе не в интернете.


«Друзья мне как-то сказали: «Хуберт, попробуй! — а в Австрии тогда не было ничего подобного, фигуративное искусство в 90 годы совершенно не было популярным»


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11.06.2019 - Hubert Thurnhofer, philosopher and journalist, did not have the slightest idea that he will be the one to change the conservative Viennese art market, making it more open and transparent. It has nothing to do with Internet.


“My friends once told me: “Hubert, give it a try, – there was nothing like this in Austria back then, figurative art in the 90s was not popular at all”


Today he is one of Vienna’s most beloved gallery owners. His Der Kunstraum is a place where you can meet the Viennese Opera diva at noon (it takes her a minute and a half to go down the Kartner Ring between rehearsals). In the afternoon you can suddenly hear a discussion about the new Austrian law, while looking at new works brought by a Sicilian gallery owner. The discussions are not in German. And no, not even in Italian. Despite the glass around, all the living languages of the world and museum cellos sound acoustically comfortable in these walls.

By the evening, when the public is growing, there is a chance to sit quite close to celebrities. There is no any exaggeration in the slogan “top events top location”.

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